About us

Isola Sarda is an agricultural organization made up of cereal growers from all the corners of Sardinia. In cooperation with Fdai - Italian Agricultural Chain, the co-op is the outcome of a controlled process which pledges top quality to their consumers in every step of the production.

The durum wheat semolina, 100% Sardinian from the fertile flats of Marmilla, Medio-Campidano and Nurra, has coarse grain, a low ash content with high-quality proteins mixed with cold water.

Isola Sarda has recently launched the brand "Solo Sardo" in the domestic market, aiming to debut in the international scenario where excellent Italian pasta is more and more appreciated.

The co-op offers a range of local, ethical, traced and guaranteed products. Local as durum wheat semolina comes only from Sardinia, ethical for all the chain players receive a fair paycheck, and traced since all the steps -from the planting to the process- are constantly checked along the way. All this care and attention gives back the highest quality pasta and a new era for Sardinian wheat and growers.

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