"Solo Sardo" comes with seven kinds of pasta (spaghetti, linguine, fregula, mezze penne, tortiglioni, malloreddus, and Sardinian gnocchi) and two typical Sardinian flat breads: pane carasau and pane guttiau, specialty breads which have been staple foodstuff in Sardinian diet ever since.

The long, bronze-drawn drying process may take from 12 to 16 hours, while the common commercial pasta is usually 2-hours dried, thus determining a pre-cooking of the noble proteins. Whatever your choice, "Solo Sardo" rhymes with excellent taste, high nutritional properties and genuine ingredients.

30 October 2020
Tortiglioni - Solo Sardo


30 October 2020
Spaghetti - Solo Sardo


30 October 2020
Mezze penne - Solo Sardo

Mezze penne

30 October 2020
Malloreddus - Solo Sardo


30 October 2020
Linguine - Solo Sardo


30 October 2020
Gnocchi - Solo Sardo

Gnocchi sardi

5 November 2020
Fregula - Solo Sardo


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